Of The Swirling Abyss

Vivian Hallows

SPOILER WARNING: — All information on this card will discuss every bit of up-to-date lore existing for Vivian. That means it will contain spoilers of his own lore and history. Thiere is a lot of story to Vivian that I feel will never really reach the surface through simple interactions, and thus I wanted to create this for those interested in lore that may never actually see the light of day. I hope you all the reading is enjoyable, and thank you!

content warning for mature themes: suicide, abuse, sexual content, etc.

▇ beginning

SOMEWHERE ON THE 13TH SHARD — A woman named Edinth Crowe, a knight of a royal family, gives birth to a child that she lovingly names Soleil, just as the world was being consumed by the darkness. A child already suffering the corruption of all-consuming darkness in the womb when Edinth was wounded by what would later be known as Voidsent. With the help of Andromaeda, an archmage of tremendous power and Varun, a rogue with the ability to use runic stones for power, Soleil is placed into a crystalized stasis in hopes to stay the corruption and save them from the horrors that would eventually befall the shard. Soleil is then sent through the space between worlds where he would eventually land, some 9000+ years later, in Garlemald and found by Regina mal Cassius and Leonidas van Cassius and given the name Vivian.

The fates of Edinth, Varun, and Andromaeda are largely unknown.Though their plan worked, the corruption still remained within the child. Weaving and evolving into their aether until it had irrevocably changed it into something more akin to the voidsent left behind. This would effectively lay dormant for many years after being is found on the Source. Ultimately, the child would now effectively be reborn anew as an entity of the void.For all intensive purposes, Vivian is a voidsent.




GROWING UP IN GARLEMALD WAS, FOR THE MOST PART, UNEVENTFUL; PEACEFUL.— Though his parents were often absent due to their ranks, they were always loving and supportive of Vivian, and gave him everything that they could to ensure his childhood was a happy one. A strange, small child with eyes as black as night, small horns that grew from their temple, and hair that was as white as the blistering snow of Ilsabard. Both Leon and Regina knew that this would garner more than unwanted attention and taught Vivian how to hide these aspects of himself (at least in public). Things such as wearing special contacts to cover his eyes, keeping his hair long to hide his horns and making sure the white was dyed a deep auburn. Regina often encouraged the practice of medicine and piano, while Leonidas was always eager to try and teach Vivian how to wield a gun. When left to his own devices, Vivian was found building music boxes.

Though Vivian was taught to keep under the radar, he still was often brought to lavish parties and special events with his parents when the occasion arose, while maintaining as a somewhat mute and well-behaved child. In later years, Vivian is accepted into the Magitek Academy around the age of fourteen (14), and though he did not have a powerful name like Garlond to back up his credentials, he excelled in engineering and his knowledge of robotics and magitek, receiving honors when he eventually graduated. Despite his technical ability with magitek, he is drafted into the Imperial Army as a combat medic for a year or so, due to his mother's influence.

When his time as a combat medic is finished, Vivian is deemed MIA. In actuality, he is sent to Landis, where he undergoes a variety of combat-oriented experiments in an attempt to create and recreate the equivilant of monsterous soldiers. It was also here where Vivian's ECHO awakens or comes to exist. When discovered, it was also used in tandem with other echo users to research the Resonant Echo. This is also where he meets Eos.

The ECHO is somewhat of a mystery, even now. Vivian does not really understand how it functions outside that it is mostly an irritation on his part. Its attempt to impart a kind of empathy upon him through the experiences of others turns into headaches and migraines that often just to inconvenience him more than anything else. It is like throwing empathy into a brick wall.

Lacerate the tattered parchment that clothes my flesh.

ASCIANS— In the wake of defeating Hades and restoring the night sky to the First (as well as prevent the impending 8th Calamity), there is a deep sense of loss and emptiness that seems to blanket Vivian. While he had won the battle, the discovery that


For I am the First and you... shall be the Last.

words go here



LANDIS — It is here, somewhere beneath the city, that lays the now destroyed and abandoned research facility for the Garlean Empire. Once a flourishing hub for a variety of experimentation from combat, atherial manipulation, and a bit of fucked up agriculture, it now lay dormant like a ghost town. This is where Vivian Hallows had been taken after his time as a medic for [x] Legion. While here, he is put through a variety of combat-oriented tests after an incident caused the researchers to be particularly interested in his endurance. Vivian is thus pitted against a wide range of creatures, beasts, and former humans to test his mettle, to push his body beyond its breaking point. To show that he was stronger than the rest of them. It is this monstrous endurance that makes him, and one other, their core projects within the facility.Introducing Eos. A woman of mysterious origins with winged ears and feathered tail. Her skin was graced with patches of soft downy feathers, and her eyes were a mix of the ocean and the sun. Whether the disparage between the colors was true to her or a result of experimentation, Vivian never got to find out. She was gentle and kind; often soothing those around her with song and soft words. She would eventually grow close to Vivian, patching up his wounds where and when she could after every test, singing to him as he tried to fall asleep, and giving him purpose to keep going. Much of Eos was a mystery to everyone around her, making it little surprise that she was a source of great interest to the researchers. They acted as if they had caught something both divine and abhorrent. And Perhaps they had.

Eos is a long aged sister of Meteion. Sent out into the universe to answer Hermes' question of what the meaning of life was and what gave people purpose. Much like the other sisters, Eos found a dying wasteland.. a desert filled over a collapsed civilization, and a people that all turned to stone and ash in the end. Distraught, Eos fled the planet until she had become lost and disconnected from her sisters. She would tumble aimlessly through space and dead worlds until eventually arriving on the Source so many thousands of years later.

wouldn't it be a better idea if you just killed yourself?


haha isn't it so

All things would come to its end. Vivian would wake up to an eerie silence that felt out of place within the facility. Not even the deadest hours of the night bore such silence. He would find door to his cell eroded and broken, allowing him the freedom to walk among the empty facility halls until he comes upon splattering of blood dragged on the floor and smeared on the walls, leaving a trail into the unlit darkness.



there is naught left for you to wreck with your nonsense.

















The only me is me.

Though Vivian has always had the echo while growing up, it didn't really mean anything to him besides a few strange dreams, and his odd habit of sleep-walking.While the ECHO allows him to do a multitude of things such as Clairvoyance, the ability to understand and speak various languages, and so forth. The Echo in his case does something a little more. For all intensive purposes, it works much the same as white auracite. It nullifies and absorbs aetherial flow.Ultimately, Vivian still does not know... well much of anything about the echo itself and everything that it is capable of.

  • People that can read aether of others would note the distinct lack of aether that reads around him. It feels more akin to a void as if he had no aether at all. This is not to say that he actually lacks any aether.

  • People suffering aether sickness from overexposure will gradually begin to feel more at ease with him around, as he essentially absorbs it.

  • This is a passive effect of his echo.


▇ Psychological


The people closest to him, SIL, the carbuncles & his robots, Feo Ul, Garlemald, work, reading, sweets & tea, the sound of rain & mechanical workings, magitek, allagan technology, cats.


Loud disruptive noises, people touching him without permission, crowds, closed in spaces, dark spaces, being lost, the taste of most alcohol, Zenos.


Loss, being alone, Aulus mal Asina.


Inventing & building/re-building, reading, playing piano if he comes across one, & finding ways to die.


Anxious, Cautious, Envious, Expedient, Fawning, Mannered, Moody, Morbid, Negativistic, Obsessive, Odd, Paranoid, Secretive, Submissive.


Ambitious, Creative, Curious, Disciplined, Intelligent, Loyal, Methodical, Meticulous, Reserved, Resourceful, Sensitive.

▇ Little Quirks

  • Vivian will often bow when thanking someone or as a way to say goodbye. This can vary from a gracious head-bow to partially bending his torso, and so forth.

  • When nervous, he tends to twist strands of hair between his fingers, fidget, and bite his lip.

  • Talks a lot with his hands, and more so when he is excited or enthusiastic about a subject. In a way, it is easy to tell his mood because of this. He will be more restrained and stiff when nervous or angry, and more fluid when relaxed or happy.

  • Gifted with the ECHO, the small Garlean had no name to call it when he was a child, and thus.. chalked it up to weird dreams. All what his Echo is capable of is currently unknown.

  • Seemingly prone to sleepwalking; waking up in places that he did not originally fall asleep in. Though no one has ever actually seen it happen.

  • Has a noticeable Ilsabardian accent, though he often hopes that it is too unrecognizable by Eorzeans to be questioned.

  • Vivian can play piano. This was something that he learned and practiced as a child due to his mother's influence, and though he is not often around pianos, he still remembers how to play.

  • On the other hand, his father had taught him how to wield a sword.. though at the time (when he was a kid), Vivian was not very good at it.

  • Most often accompanied by a rat that he adopted from J'vhex.

  • Vivian has a handful of mechanical companions that are either always with him, or close by. Three carbuncles (Spinel; ruby, Howlite(moonstone), and Alexandrite(emerald). As well as Jenova(morpho butterfly), Athena(allagan node) and a few others.

  • Wears a light blue crystal around his neck. Don't touch it.

  • He might look like a lightweight with alcohol, but he really isn't.

  • more to be added.