I will throw away my sadness, and lose my heart.
Even violate my thoughts.
If I can move forward, ... then fine.My body whispers, whispers, whispers, whispers, whispers...
(your symphony is never-ending).

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There's this dream...— Suspended in a sea of black, with only an expanse of emptiness reaching far and far and far. Release me. Flooded with shallow waters, it makes a soft splash with each step and causes a ripple that seems to resonate with every inch of the darkness. Going forward, no matter how far, there is nowhere.There is something familiar about it.. something cold and unsettling, but .. I can't remember what it is. It is as if everything only exists within the corner of reality, and vanishes at every turn.

Is there a point to all this? An endless void, an unending journey. All for what? Was it worth it? Did it mean anything ... The water rises. Its blacked ink soaks into the skin, writing pages worth of words that are more like a scripture than a poem or play. It pulls and pulls until everything is submerged.Then there is nothing. Just a sensation of floating or falling slowly. Hands grasping, reaching for something. Pulling down and down and down until there is once again solid ground. .And there they stand. A stranger, face obscured by falling snow and a sudden ray of light, and I can only think of one thing to say.

I see you.

▇ Begin

28th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon— Vivian is raised in Garlemald by military officials, Regina mal & Leonidas van Cassius of the ▇▇ Legion.Life is relatively kind, for the most part. While Vivian is sometimes treated with a cold shoulder by his peers for this and that reasons; he proves himself an excellent student within the magitek academy and is well loved by Regina and Leon. But due to their militant ranks, both were often absent from Vivian's life, leaving him to his own devices on most days.

  • At the age of six(6), he creates his first amateur artificial intelligence software, Jenova, and places her into a mechanical butterfly. Outside of Jenova, Vivian has made a handful of music boxes.

  • In his spare time outside of building strange inventions, Vivian would practice playing piano.

  • He was seemingly born with an ECHO, but never understood its purpose or merits. To him, it was just night terrors and strange happenings. Regardless, he is told not to speak of it.

  • At age fourteen(14), Vivian is accepted into the Magitek Academy for his proficiency and skills. Though he did not have the names like Scaeva or Garlond behind him, Vivian excelled in his craft and graduates with impressive honors.

  • After graduation he has a short stint as a medicus in his mother's unit, allowing him to learn basic and emergency medical procedures, as well as help him learn how to remain calm during a chaotic situation.

  • He is soon offered an engineering apprenticeship in the capital under the Royal Family science divisions. He was more than eager to accept.

wasn't it suppose to be a beautiful place? this world. pretty and majestic from a distance, in a perspective.

what am i but a maggot among a colony of
pre-programmed puppets feeding off a carcass...

cold and blood thirsty.
the cruel ethereal continuous cycle of life and death.

Times change.— After Vivian's short stint as a Medicus in ▇▇ Legion, he returns to Garlemald to take up the apprenticeship he was offered, but instead is taken into custody and sent to a research facility in Landis, where he would undergo a variety of experiments (primarily combat-oriented). Many attempting to find out ways to advance their use of weapons, creatures, & super soldiers. Vivian's ECHO would become a source of great curiosity to the scientists that surrounded him. This would shape how the young Garlean would come to see the Empire; shaking his foundation in what he used to believe in.Vivian spends the next [redacted] years captive. Up until the year 1577.

stripped of its innocence, it's raw, ugly mechanism
continues to feed on one another...

  • The Empire's interest in Vivian seemed to go deeper than just his ECHO, though Vivian never bothered to find out why.

  • How Vivian manages to escape is something he is not willing to indulge. But it is here that he earns his signature scar that drags from the middle of his brow down to the edge of his left jaw.

  • Once far enough, Vivian collapses in the Corvos and awakens again in Thavnair, rested on a medical cot and overlooked by an imposing hrothgar woman.

  • He remains in Thavnair until he recovers just enough to travel, and boards a ship heading to Limsa Lominsa.

  • He is considered dead by the Imperial army.

i hate it.. it's wrong... but i can't change it...

FROM HERE— Upon reaching Limsa Lominsa, Vivian has no where to go, and no one to reach out towards. This is the furthest he had ever been from what he used to consider home, but he cannot go back. And so, he makes himself a place in the seaside city-state. He eventually joins the Dutiful Sisters, becoming one of their rogues.

i can't change anything...

  • Once he reaches Limsa, Vivian comes to the doors of the Dutiful Sisters of Edelweiss and while they agree to take him in with the proposition of making him a rogue.

  • He would spend the next handful of months learning the tricks and trades of their work. To present day, Vivian is still a rogue for the Dutiful Sisters.

  • Vivian would begin forming his crew through hiring ex-pirate Caliban & ex-songstress Yayoi. He would also join hands with the Deck of Crows. A network of rogues and shadow-work run by friend, J'vhex.

  • As for his ECHO.. he makes little use of it. Preferring to pretend it never existed at all.

❝ When I pray, it becomes hot to touch. When I scream, it strips me of my voice.
When I live, it sets off into a distorted, crazy dance. ❞
Oh, Midst the silence...
A silence that is mine, and mine alone.

▇ ECHO ▇

Under Renovation

▇ ECHO ▇

The only me is me.

Vivian has always had the ECHO. Like a gift (or a curse) bestowed upon him as a child (or maybe even before that). Growing up with it created a strange dissonance between himself and his peers, as it was supposed to be kept a secret (or that's what he was always told by his parents). Though he didn't understand the why, he abided by their instructions. In the end, it didn't really mean anything to him besides a few strange dreams, and his odd habit of sleep-walking.It doesn't allow him to see the past or future of things or people around him, nor can Vivian readily comprehend every language presented to him. The Echo in his case does some things a little different. In one way, it works much the same as white auracite. It nullifies and absorbs aetherial flow. And in another way, it builds upon the feelings of others and attempts to attune it to Vivian, forcing a kind of empathy... though it hardly works as intendedUltimately, Vivian still does not know... well much of anything about the echo itself and what it is capable of. The more he learns, the more it will be recorded here.

  • People that can read aether of others would note the distinct lack of aether that reads around him. It feels more akin to a void as if he had no aether at all. This is not to say that he actually lacks any aether.

  • People suffering aether sickness from overexposure will gradually begin to feel more at ease with him around, as he essentially absorbs it.

  • This is a passive effect of his echo.

  • Though the Echo tries to impart empathy on Vivian by letting him feel the emotions of others.. its much like hitting a brick wall with a bat. It causes more pains and mental duress on him than be a useful tool to helping understand others.

  • In some ways, it makes him wonder.. are any of his own feelings actually is own.. or feelings thrust upon him by someone else. But he often gives this no real thought, deciding that it's more trouble than it's worth to linger on.

  • As the WoL: Vivian has all the pre-determined effects of the Echo, but this is a special personal edition of the power.

Are you sure the only you is you?


abuse, suicide ideation, mental illness, sexual & dark themes.

Garlean / Tural.
( Keeper ).
Fray, Revenant, The Black Dragon.
Mid Twenties(?).
(trans) male.
4'11" / 101 lbs.
Asexual / Demiromantic.
Multiclass { Reaper | Tank }
[ LNC | PUG | MCH ]
Mercenary. Engineer. Pit Fighter. Bartender. Medic.
Ilsabardian, Rogue Speak/Limsan, SL, Common Eorzean, Learning Thavnarian.

  • MBTI: n/a

  • ENNEAGRAM: TYPE 5W6— the problem solver.

  • TEMPERAMENT: Melancholic


  • Vivian is a non-op FtM transman (he maintains the body he is born with). He does not experience body dysphoria and is very comfortable in his body. He is still a man and will always present himself as such.

  • Lean, Athletic build. He's muscular, but only really noticeable when undressed or in skin-tight clothing.

  • Covered in freckles (face & body). He also has gold tattoos from his neck to his feet.

  • Both eyes are adorned a black sclera, with a white ring where the iris would be over his right eye, & his left iris a bright aetherial blue/green color. Eyelashes are white.

  • Half of his right ear torn off.

  • Prosthetic right leg (thigh down) & left arm (shoulder down).

  • Dark circles around his eyes, & looks like he hasn't slept in days.

  • Prominent, sharp canines.

  • His ears & tail are quite big. His tail being disproportionately long & very fluffy (despite his character model) & keeps most of it wrapped up in red bandages. He otherwise seems to have traits to suggest he is a Keeper.

  • Harbors a multitude of scars, most are hidden by the clothes he wears. Most obvious or visible is the one on his face; a deep, diagonal scar from the glabella to his jaw. And a big scar over his chest.

  • Two sets of horns rest on his head, and he is not likely to reveal where they came from. He can hide them sometimes with glamour, but they are always there and grow from his skull.

  • Born with snow white hair, but often dyed it a deep auburn until recently. All he will really say about the color is 'I'm old'.

  • Always wears bandages around his arm(s), especially in front of others; they go from his knuckles to just above his elbow. Covers up severe burn scars


Severe— (PTSD, Depression, Anxiety).
Extreme Suicide Ideation.
Wary of crowds.
Aversion to being touch.
Lacks empathy.
Others undiagnosed.

His aversion to touch comes from a hypersensitivity to it, and thus unwelcome or sudden contact will leave behind an almost lingering phantom feeling. However, on the complete opposite end of that, he also craves that feeling when it comes from people he trusts and feels comfortable around.His aversion to touch plays a very interesting role for him, as he often seeks out companionship in strangers to distract him of past lingering touches.. only to leave more on his skin that he later wants to get rid of.If he cannot sate his need to get rid of the phantom touches, he will resort to self-inflicted injury or find anything to cause pain.


  • Vivian will often bow when thanking someone or as a way to say goodbye. This can vary from a gracious head-bow to partially bending his torso, and so forth.

  • Talks a lot with his hands, and more so when he is excited or enthusiastic about a subject. In a way, it is easy to tell his mood because of this. He will be more restrained and stiff when unsure or angry, and more fluid when relaxed or happy.

  • His tone when he speaks is quite monotone, deadpan, even when he is being sincere. He also tends to pause in thought, and can sometimes feel as though one is talking to a brick wall because of it.

  • Seemingly prone to sleepwalking; waking up in places that he did not originally fall asleep in. Though no one has ever actually seen it happen. That being said, Vivian tends to go for days without sleep before he just blacks out.

  • Has a distinctly garlean accent mashup with limsan rogue tongue, but he is at the very least good at hiding the rogue part (unless comfortable with someone or extremely angry, it will slip). Though he often hopes that the ilsabardian part is too unrecognizable by Eorzeans to be questioned.

  • Vivian can play piano. This was something that he learned and practiced as a child due to his mother's influence, and though he is not often around pianos, he still remembers how to play.

  • His strange aether often messes with the perception of those around him, causing him to get mistaken for a viera due to his big ears. This includes his choice of weapons; often appearing as scythes even when they are just staves.

  • Vivian has a handful of mechanical inventions and companions.

  • Vehicle of choice is his Fenrir Motorcycle.

  • Wears a light blue crystal around his neck. Don't touch it.

  • He looks like a lightweight with alcohol, but he can drink most people under the table.

  • Extremely reckless; feral in a fight. Wants to die, and thus holds no self-preservation for his life. Fate often has different ideas, however.

  • He likes animals & beasts more than people. Dragons especially.

  • Vivian handles being healed aetherially & light magics poorly.


Common Knowledge

  • Frequents fight clubs.

  • Addon to the above: If someone wants to fight him, all they have to do is ask. He does not need a fancy establishment to fight.

  • Unnatural appearance, doesn't seem to fit into one thing. His presence always seems a little bit unnatural. Curious.

  • Mercenary for Hire; bodyguard, rogue-work, scouting, bounty hunting, treasure hunting.

  • Hobbies: Engineering & Fishing.

  • Owner of Queen's Claw

  • Bartender & Fighter for The Crooked Man.

  • Medic for The New Morgue.

Uncommon Knowledge

  • Genius engineer and can build a variety of inventions, software, and tools such as: robots, prosthetic limbs, magitek enhancements to existing gear, and music boxes. Do you have a need for robotics or a prosthetic limb? Perhaps he can be of aid.

  • Assassination is also part of his Merc work.

  • His main weapon is an invention of his that combines three types of weapons into one, but most often it is just a staff.

  • A Dutiful Sister's rogue, as well as a contact for a network known as the Deck of Crows.

  • His strange aether may be cause for concern. Really only noticeable to those that are sensitive to aether or have abilities that allow them to read aetherial auras on people. It feels much like a void.

  • There is very clear void-corruption in his aether, though to what extent requires someone with knowledge of voidsent and aetherial senses.

  • If you are Garlean or were with the Garlean army, it is possible to have met Vivian from during his time with the Empire or Magitek Academy.

  • May have run into him after his escape from Garlemald in Landis or Corvos.

  • If you happened to have met/know Vivian from Ishgard, you may probably know him better by the name 'Fray' or 'the Black Dragon.'

  • Takes care of stray creatures: dragons, voidsent, moogles, etc.

Rare Knowledge

  • Rumor has it that Vivian can use his tail as a weapon. To those that have ever had the chance to see it... one might say it looks like a black scorpion tail, but noone can truly confirm or deny. He uses this ONLY as an emergency weapon.

  • Interested in various occult subjects. Often revolving around lost history, magitek, the occult, and voidsent.

  • Has a bit of an extreme anti-hero complex due to his dislike of most people, but wanting to fulfill a promise from a dying friend.

  • Has anyone ever really thought of what might happen after death? If the soul doesn't reach the lifestream; what if it could be contained or destroyed? What then? Maybe Vivian would know.

  • He passively absorbs aether around him; from people and his surroundings. It is minimal enough to be unnoticeable, but does make himself a bit of a 'shock absorber' around people who get aether sickness easily (as he will absorb that excess aether and in turn should alleviate the sickness).

  • A musician at heart. Will be very difficult to get him to talk about it or perform for someone.

  • Vivian is not actually from the Source.

Aether Knowledge

  • Those with aether sight can see a variety of things with Vivian's aether.. depending on how strong their aethersight is at the time of observing him.

  • (Work in Progress; Info to come. Feel free to shoot a tell for any aethersight rolls while I work on this.)



This carrd is pretty much always a work in progress! So please feel free to check in for any changes/updates.Name's Jack. I enjoy raiding, drawing & writing. Big into horror and other fandoms like FFVII and CODE VEIN. I like to experiment with lore and have fun.I'm not very good with conversation, but I still enjoy meeting new people and I welcome anyone to come hit me up in-game.

DISCORD: ichorcoded
BLUE: @voidsent


  • Vivian's appearance in-game does not 100% match his canon appearance. I do my best with the materials given, but it is still not completely accurate.

  • I will happily do short or one-off scenes in game. Anything longer or long-term much prefer it to be moved to discord. Sorry if this is inconvenient.

  • That being said, please be patient with me. I am not a speedy writer.

  • Understand that befriending Vivian will take time, he's kind of an asshole.

  • I multiship, but I am very selective. What this means is serious/romantic relationships can/will take place in separate alternate universes or timelines. Though Vivian is also polyamorous, I will default to the alt universe.

  • Vivian is promiscuous, and while I may write or draw NSFW content for him, I will not ERP. I will gladly discuss it, but I do not want to roleplay it out.

  • Any illustrations used in this carrd is mine.

  • To note: I promise I'm not ignoring anyone if approached but I don't respond. I am probably AFK or if I am at an event, then I am either tabbed out or the chat is moving so fast that I missed it. Please don't hesitate to poke me in /tell to grab my attention.

  • Outside of RP, Vivian is my Warrior of Light, and thus most of what I will write/illustrate for him will be under that impression. However, for RP purposes that will be omitted. His relative history and experiences will remain the same.